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Flamenco Tour and Show

Join us for an immersive Flamenco Show that promises to transport you through the soul of Spanish culture. Led by our expert guides, delve into flamenco’s rich history and evolution as you sip on exquisite beverages atop our scenic rooftop. Then, venture just a brief journey to our flamenco venue, where you’ll be captivated by electrifying performances against a historical backdrop. Enjoy complimentary drink as you witness the passionate dance, soulful singing, and stirring guitar melodies that define this enchanting art form.



Rooftop terrace experience includes a drink

Historical expert explaining interesting facts of Sevilla, Spanish Culture and Flamenco

Attend an Authentic Flamenco 1hr show with professional artists, including guitarists, singers and dancers

1 drink included at Flamenco show

Things to Know about

If you have any special dietary restrictions, please contact us before booking.

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Late arrivals will not be refunded

Duration: 2 hr

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Spanish culture with our Flamenco Show. This enchanting show weaves together the vibrant tapestry of flamenco dance, music, and the captivating history behind this impassioned art form.

Led by our knowledgeable guides, we delve into the origins of flamenco and its transition through the cultural influences that have shaped it over the centuries. While you sip on one of our exquisite beverages atop our breathtaking rooftop, immerse yourself in the rich narrative of flamenco’s evolution. Following this historical introduction, our guide will escort you to the flamenco venue, just a 10-minute journey from La Terraza del Cristina.

With the stage set against this historical backdrop, prepare to be spellbound by the electrifying passion of our Flamenco Show. Indulge in another complimentary beverage during the performance, elevating your experience as you witness the impassioned dance, soulful singing, and stirring guitar melodies.

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