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Sangria Tasting & Tapas

Experience the vibrant spirit of Sevilla with our exclusive sangria and tapas experience nestled in the city’s heart. Savor four unique variations of sangria, from the classic red to the delightful white, each offering a taste of Andalusian charm. Accompanying these refreshing drinks are communal appetizers that celebrate the rich diversity of Sevillian cuisine.

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Sampling of 4 types unique and delightful variations of classic Spanish Sangria: Sherry Wine Sangria, White Wine Sangria, Red Wine Sangria and Rose Cava Sangria

3 appetizers to share

2 individual classic tapas

Experienced cultural and gastronomy guide

Panoramic views of Sevilla

Things to Know About

Sangria-Gluten Free

If you have any special dietary restrictions, please contact us before booking.

Please arrive 5 minutes early.

Duration: 2hr

Late arrrivals will not be refunded


In the lively heart of Sevilla, enjoy a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure: a sangria and tapas affair that promises to immerse you in the region’s gastronomic heritage. Set upon our terrace, this captivating event seamlessly blends a love for food and drink, crafting an unforgettable soirée.

Indulge in four distinct renditions of this refreshing beverage, from the timeless red sangria bursting with fresh fruit notes to the unexpected allure of white sangria. Each sip unveils a symphony of flavors, whisking you away to the very essence of Andalusia.

Complementing the sangrias are communal appetizers that showcase the diversity of Sevillian cuisine. Knowledgeable servers will show you tales of the origins and traditions behind each dish, ensuring that you leave with bellies full and with a deeper appreciation for Sevilla’s culinary classics!

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